Monday, May 12, 2014

Blog tour and my passion for Italian wine

What a beautiful weekend and I hope everyone enjoyed the weather and their mother's day! I hope you had some delicious wine and food and celebrated with loved ones.

My blog today is part of a blog tour that I was introduced to by a new blogger to my network, Meghan from Travel, Wine, and Dine. Meghan is a fellow Bostonian like myself that focuses on everything from food and sharing recipes, travel with a special travel Tuesday weekly post, and a wine of the week. What a perfect combination that go together oh so well!

This blog is two-fold. One part is to introduce you to some potential bloggers that you aren't familiar with that hopefully you will explore further and benefit from their recommendations and their journeys. The other part is to discuss my writing process so you become more familiar with me as a blogger in the wine world.

What am I working on?

My blog is focused on Italian wine, which will keep me busy forever with tons of different grapes throughout the country. Plus, with my passion for everything Italian there is always something to discuss. I love sharing my travels throughout Italy with you as I cover wines of all different regions. I'm in the middle of expanding Vino Travels and incorporating travel tours throughout Italy. I've recently partnered with a winery in Italy and am co-marketing all-inclusive tours in Tuscany to their beautiful estate where they produce their wines and have fantastic accommodations. I look forward to this new venture and with my knowledge and experience living and traveling throughout the country I look forward to sharing it with everyone.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

The wine world is very vast when it comes to bloggers. My passion and familiarity with Italian wine is what drove me to specialize in italian wines. There are some great Italian bloggers out there and I have reached out to many of them and acknowledged the great work they do. I look at all of us as a partnership in promoting the wines of this beautiful country. We all did chose to write about italian wines in particular due to our love for the country and wines so blogging is the perfect avenue for sharing this with the world.

Why do I write what I do?

I've been fortunate to live in Italy, travel there numerous times and super fortunate enough to get married there over 6 months ago. For me, writing my blogs and sharing with you my stories of the folks that I have met that work hard in the vineyards every day is important to me. I have met so many great producers throughout Italy, some of them smaller that maybe don't have the reputation some of the others do. I love to promote the grapes that folks may not be familiar with while getting people to think and explore outside the box. All of this is what drives me share my experiences and knowledge with you.

How does your writing process work?

I base my blogs on what is going on that week. Sometimes I have weeks where I will meet a bunch of winemakers from Italy that are visiting the Boston area. Sometimes I will travel to tastings that are featuring Italian wines. Other times I will pop open a bottle to taste or will share some of my travels and pictures of my ventures to Italy. I try to change it up to keep things interesting. I'm not a huge fan of writing review after review. I love telling the stories behind the wine because I find the history and traditions of wineries and regions the most intriguing.

Now I'm going to introduce you to someone new in my network, Yo, whom writes a blog that is La Vita di Monteolivo. She shares a similar passion to mine, which is her love for Italy, including Umbria and more specifically the Todi region. It's a bilingual blog where she covers everything from cooking to gardening. She even rents out her home in Umbria and if you haven't been to that region it's well worth exploring. So check out her blog and get a peak into Yo's world.

Enjoy your Monday!

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