Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Top 5 winery recommendations in the Piedmont wine region

Earlier this year I shared with you my top 5 winery recommendations in the Tuscany wine region.  Today I'm sharing my 5 favorite winery visit to the Piedmont wine region.  My first visit to the Piedmont wine region in 2009 was fantastic and I can't wait to go back. Most I have written about already on my site if you have been following along. Let's get started!

Fratelli Revello La Morra Piedmont
Carlo and Paola

One of the days I decided to pull off the road at a winery I saw to do one of my last tastings of the day at Fratelli Revello. It was a busy time that I was there in the heart of the harvesting season, the first week of October. For more, here.....

Ascheri winery in Bra, Piedmont
Matteo Ascheri

I entered behind the gates that day located right in the city center and it opened up to this square which contained the Ascheri's operations. The owner, Matteo, pleasantly greeted me at the door and gave me a brief introduction of the Ascheri winery. For more, here....

Cantina Damilano Barolo Piedmont

The tasting room was very modern with multiple tables for tastings and walls lined with bottles on slanted shelves. I tasted their Nebbiolo d'Alba, Barbera d'Alba and three of their Barolos from different vineyards (Cannubi, Liste and their “Lecinquevigne” which comes from 5 different towns/vineyards). For more, here....

Carlo Giacosa Barbaresco Piedmont

One of my many great experiences exploring the Italian wine regions was a visit to Carlo Giacosa’s winery in Barbaresco in the Piedmont region, which is in the northwestern part. It was a random stop that day, but Carlo Giacosa himself couldn’t have been more welcoming. He invited me to sit down while he shared his wines and homemade prosciutto served by his hospitable wife, Carla and his daughter, Maria Grazia, now running the winery along with her father.

They grow Nebbiolo, Barbera and Dolcetto, typical of this region, from 5 hectacres of land. For the first time ever they introduced their first white, Sara, named after the youngest Giacosa member of the family, in March 2014 from the Arneis grape with the Langhe DOC designation.

For a feature of one of Carlo Giacosa's Barbarescos I took home with me with a typical Piedmont recipe read more.

Azienda Agricola Paitin Neive
The Paitin winery has a rich history of producing wines in
 Barbaresco since 1796 when Benedetto Elia first purchased the estate. More land was acquired through the years as vines were also replanted. In 1893 his grandson,Giuseppe, rebuilt the wine cellar and in this year is when they starting producing their Sori Paitin Barbaresco. I'm still storing my Sori Paitin Barbaresco made from 40 year old vines and look forward to sharing that with you eventually. Today Second Pasquero Elia, whom took the winery over in 1965, along with his sons Giovanni and Silvano are producing the wines at Paitin on about 42 acres (17 hectacres) of land. I met Giovanni upon my arrival and he provided me with a tour and sampling of the wines. It was very neat to see wines at that moment being packaged that were actually being sent to my hometown of Boston. I'll be covering this winery more in depth in upcoming articles so stay tuned.

Giovanni Pasquero Elia Paitin winery
Giovanni Pasquero Elia of Paitin

If you venture to the Piedmont wine region you may want to check out one or more of these vineyards and let me know what you think. You will not be disappointed. If you have been to others that you loved I'd love to hear from you.

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