Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Primitivo shines in Puglian vineyards along the Adriatic

In April I'll be highlighting some food and wine of Puglia and wanted to start to prep folks on learning more of this region that is getting lots of press from travelers. It's even peaked my interest as I haven't discovered too much of the south outside of Sicily and the Amalfi Coast. Many of the Italian travel bloggers I'm friendly with online have explored this region and had this to say about their journey:

Puglia is one of the top producers of grapes within Italy. It's history in winemaking was previously known for producing high quantities of grapes that were shipped mostly to northern Italy and other parts of the world for wine production.

Today I'm sharing with you one of the popular wines of Puglia, primitivo, and in particular that of the Tormaresca winery owned by the famous Antinori family of Tuscany. The winery was named after the Tormaresca towers that look over the Adriatic Sea. It's prime vineyard sites are in the Bocca di Lupo site of the Castel del Monte DOC and the Masseria Maime site in Salento. It's mission on their websites states "The Tormaresca project began with the dream, now a reality, to discover and enhance the precious native varietals of Puglia, leading the wine renaissance of the region. The values at the foundation of this project are the same transmitted for 26 generations by the Antinori Family: strong connection with the region, respect of apulian history and traditions maintaining always an innovative approach." 
Tormaresca producer of primitivo in Puglia
The primitivo I'm sharing today called Toricoda hails from the Masseria Maime site that is situated along the Adriatic amidst olive groves and forests that flow towards the seaside shore. An interesting fact on their website states that the primitivo grape signified at one point in time wealth and fertility and had been given as a brides' dowry upon marriage.
Wineries in Puglia, Tormaresca

Wines of Puglia with Tormaresca
Winemaking facilities of Tormaresca

2012 Tormaresca Toricoda PrimitivoThe 2012 Tormaresca Toricoda Primitivo Salento IGT was a concentrated ruby color with bright, intense black cherry, clove, vanilla, blackberry and sweet spices on the nose. It's a full-bodied wine that was balanced with nice black fruit on the palate and structured tannin with a lengthy finish. Lots going on in this wine and is what I personally love about wines that are multi-dimensional. Retails about $20.

We're still coming out of the spring and there is plenty of time for these fuller bodied wines. Plus, with Puglia I've always found great values when it comes to purchasing their wines. Check them out and let me know what you think.

*All pictures copyright of Tormaresca.

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