Thursday, April 14, 2016

The darkness of Conti Zecca brought to light with Donna Marzia Negroamaro

Earlier this month I covered Puglia and the primitivo grape along with a Puglian wine and food pairing. Today I'm sharing with you another native puglian grape, negroamaro, from the known Conti Zecca winery.
Conti Zecca winery Leverano in Salento
Vineyards of Conti Zecca

The Conti Zecca winery is based in Leverano in the Salento province. The family has been based there for over 500 years. Winemaking began on the facilities in 1935 when Count Alcibade Zecca began his endeavors in the wine industry. Four brands and vineyards fall under the ownership of Conti Zecca including: Donna Marzia, Saraceno, Catalupi and Santo Stefano. Conti Zecca's goal is “to be true guardians and correctly portray the spirit of the place, a mysterious web of nature, history and culture of the terroir, that adds an intimate uniqueness to each wine from the company”, per the Zecca's website. This passion and dedication of their winemaking that draws out the characteristics of the land is what I love about these stories of Italian winemakers.

Visiting the wineries of Puglia, Donna Marzia
Conti Zecca winery
Winemaking in Puglia with Conti Zecca

The wine I'm sharing today comes from the Donna Marzia vineyard named in honor of the countess whom committed suicide at the well on the property. Not the happiest of stories for sure. Her reason for doing so was because of her family forbidding her to see a man she fell in love with since he was as peasant farmer and she was of noble decent.

Conti Zecca winery in Puglia
Zecca family
The Donna Marzia vineyard works with only native grapes of Puglia including negroamaro, primitivo and malvasia bianca. Today I share with you a great value. It's the negroamaro from the Donna Marzia wine estate of the Conti Zecca family.

2010 Conti Zecca Donna Marzia Negroamaro2010 Conti Zecca Donna Marzia Negroamaro Salento ITG

Ruby in color with hints of garnet and lighter around the rim. The nose is of dark berries, cherries and currants. It's a dry, medium-bodied wine, with a lot of warmth. Lower in tannin with lots of dark cherry. Aged for 1 years in oak barrels and refined in cement tanks.

Retail: $10-$12

Have you tried the wines of Puglia and do you have favorite native grapes of the region?

If you're traveling to this region or any within Italy make sure you have your wine tasting notebook.

 All photos courtesy of Conti Zecca.

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