Saturday, January 14, 2017

Journey to Trentino with Teroldego and Spaghetti alla Carbonara

This week I'm back to joining the Wine Pairing Weekend group featuring new wines for the new year.  When I had the honor to take my first press trip in February 2015 to the Veneto I was able to tack on a few extra days and explore some areas that I hadn't been to yet, including the Trentino-Alto Adige wine region. The train system in Italy makes it so easy to get around and travel so I jumped on the train from Verona and headed about an hour and a half north to the town of Trento. The excitement of exploration of a new town with sights to see, food to taste and wine to try. I previously wrote about a particular pairing, Canederli and Muller Thurgau, that I experienced while resting from my wanderings. I visited a local wine shop while in Trento and wanted to make sure I brought back something I don't get to experience to often in the states or a grape that I had never tried. I chose a 2012 Vigna Braide Teroldego of the Teroldego Rotaliano DOC.

Concilio was established back in 1860 by Angelo Grigolli, but didn't take on the name Concilio until they partnered with Boschi & Gamberoni. Later in 1990 ownership became shared by local vintners under the brand Concilio. They produce about 600,000 cases annually on about 620 hectacres (1,530 acres).

The Teroldego Rotaliano DOC was established in 1971 and as the name states, teroldego is the primary red grape. It takes its name from the vine training method in which the grape uses, tirelle or wire harnesses. It's also been thought to have derived from the gold of Tyrol known as Tiroler Gold. Regardless of how the name was derived, this is a grape that you must try. It produces wines that are rich in fruit, full bodied and it's high acidity make it a very versatile wine to pair with a variety of dishes.This 2012 Concilio Vigna Braide Teroldego was a deep ruby red with hints of purple.  On the nose was rich dark fruit of blackberry and blackcherry.  It was rather high in acid upon opening, but mellowed out with some time. Dry, medium body with a silky mouthfeel.  Low on tannins with a lengthy finish.  ABV 13%. SRP $19.
2012 Concilio Vigna Braide Teroldego Rotaliano

Food pairing with Teroldego
I chose to pair this teroldego with spaghetti alla carbonara. Who doesn't love pasta?! I figured the acidity of the wine would match well with the creaminess of the dish and I was right. With a baby now I'm always looking for easy meals to prepare and this was very simple to cook up. While you're prepping the sauce for the pasta, start to boil your water for the pasta adding salt, but make sure once your pasta is “al dente” that you reserve about a cup of the pasta water. The sauce consists of sauteing some oil and garlic in a pan with your choice of either pancetta, guanciale or bacon. Cook until crispy, but not overdone. On the side mix a couple eggs with about a cup of grated cheese (I chose pecorino romano). Once the pasta is done, add immediately to the saute pan while hot and mix with the egg and cheese blend along with some of the hot pasta water. Top off with some parsley and viola!
Spaghetti alla Carbonara wine pairing with Teroldego

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