Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Valentine Pick Under $20: Caparra & Siciliani Solagi Ciro

With Valentine's Day right around corner you may be thinking which wine you want to celebrate with whether it's with a loved one or by yourself.  Some are thinking of going above and beyond and splurging to celebrate the occasion, but in my opinion Valentine's Day is just another made up holiday that the stores can profit off of so why not be different.  Let's think outside the box than the usual popular wines of Italy and let's even keep it under $20.  My selection is the 2013 Solagi Ciro by Caparra & Siciliani.   

Their Solagi Ciro wine hails from the region of Calabria, not a region we talk about often.  Ciro wines are named after the town of which they reside off the coast of Taranto.  Here Ciro Rosso is primarily made up of the gaglioppo grape.  Gaglioppo can be a light to medium bodied wine showcasing mostly cherry with a hint of spice backed by good acidity and low tannin. 
gaglioppo grapes
Gaglioppo grapes photo by Fabio Ingrosso
The Caparra & Siciliani winery is located right along the sea where the sun shines over the fertile flatlands and low hills.  The winery started in 1963, but had been making wine since the 19th century.  Their winemaking is overseen by the well regarded Italian consulting enologist, Fabrizio Ciufoli.   

2013 Caparra & Siciliani Solagi Ciro Rosso Classico
Ciro DOC / ABV 13.5% / SRP $15-17 
100% produced from the gaglioppo grape and a nice expression of the grape itself.  Ruby red in color with a tinge of orange on the rim and rich in aromatics.  Medium to fuller bodied with dried cherries on the palate with nice acidity and refined tannins.  Reminds me of a sangiovese.  Drinking well now. Aged in stainless steel and oak casks. 
2013 Caparra & Siciliani Solagi Ciro gaglioppo
I wish you all a wonderful Valentine's Day and let me know what you plan on enjoying for wine this day. 

Side note: A friend of mine, Bob Lipinski, has written a book called Italian Wine Notes.  He shared his book with me and I found it to be a succinct way of explaining Italian grapes, laws and regions.  It's perfect for understanding grapes such as gaglioppo and places like Ciro.  It's easy to carry and is a great reference when shopping for your next purchase of Italian wine. 

Italian Wine Notes (Second Edition)

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