Friday, September 20, 2019

Tasting with Matteo Ascheri of Ascheri Winery in Piedmont

I’ve been wanting to revisit wines from the Ascheri winery in Piedmont since I traveled there back in 2009.  Recently I had the opportunity to be reacquainted with the owner, Matteo Ascheri, at a tasting in Boston sampling a large lineup of his wines.  Such a passionate and jovial man and it’s a pleasure to share some of my favorites from the day.   
Matteo Ascheri wines of Piedmont Barolo
Matteo Ascheri, owner of Ascheri winery
I won’t go in depth into Matteo’s winery as you can view my previous article, Touring the Ascheri Winery in Piedmont, I wrote close to when I started my blog some years ago.  What I found interesting reflecting back is that one of the wines I’m sharing today was also my selection in a different vintage during my visit.  When you have a style and type of wine you like I guess it is what it is. 

The Winery 
The Ascheri winery has been producing wines since 1880 and after so much time, dedication, hard work and passion it’s no wonder that their wines are an “expression of the vineyard it comes from, of the grapes it is made of, and above all of our own ideas” as stated on their site.  They believe in sustainable practices and “non intervention”  with use of moderate technology and larger oak casks to display the best expression of their wines. 

And a big congratulations to Matteo for being appointed President of the Consortium of Barolo, Barbaresco, Alba, Langhe and Dogliani in early 2018. 

The Wines 
2018 Ascheri Pelaverga di Verduno – This grape, pelaverga, is a rather rare red grape with only about 150,000 bottles produced in total on 22 hectares amongst the growers, according to Matteo.  I appreciate that the winery donates 10% of the wine to an organization for the poor. The label is designed after the organization.  Pelaverga, meaning green skin, is only found around the town of Verdune within the Langhe appellation.  Another grape that almost faced extinction until some producers, including Matteo, decided to reinvigorate it.  It’s a wine that is very easy to drink, lighter red in color with a bouquet of strawberries and a little spice.  Nice bright acidity and moderate tannins.    SRP $18 

The next 2 wines are part of Matteo’s “collectible collection”.  Per their site what makes these wines special to him is that “after years of investments in the vineyards and in the cellar, trying to develop a personal approach I was able to produce these wines that best represent my ideals and my ideas.  Mainly because they are the perfect fusion of my thinking and the reality.”  

2015 Ascheri Barolo Pisapola Verduno – As they call it “forward and stylish” this is a wine they produce only in the best vintages.  This nebbiolo is something I would really love to taste in years to come.  Although the tannins were gripping it had a beautiful velvety finish to it.  Newly released. 

2015 Ascheri Barolo Sorano Serralunga d’Alba - Again my pick of the barolos at the tasting.  This is what the winery calls their “classic barolo”.  Beautiful fruit, dried flowers, spice, nice acidity and a wine rather approachable in its youth, but with many years to develop in the bottle.  Newly released. 
Ascheri Barolo Sorano in Piedmont
Sorano vineyards at Ascheri winery ~ Copyright of Ascheri
Have you visited Piedmont and what are some wineries you have enjoyed? 

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