Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Corvezzo Leads the Charts and Makes their Debut in the US with their Organic Prosecco

It's Prosecco wine week this week celebrated this year from July 19-25th.  This week I’m doing a double feature starting with the Corvezzo winery located in the Veneto region in northeastern Italy.  There is no doubt that the wines I’m sharing this week are all about value with Corvezzo leading the pack.   

The Winery ~ Corvezzo 

Corvezzo is a family run winery that is led today by the 3rd generation, Giovvani Corvezzo.  His grandfather started the winery in 1960.  It’s located in the village of Cessalto, within the province of Treviso, and covers over 380 acres.  It’s uniquely situated with the Dolomites to the north and the Adriatic Sea to the south.  

The 2nd generation family members, Giuseppe and Renzo, expanded the territory and acreage in which they grew their grapes with a focus on pest control and sustainable practices in the 70’s and banning herbicides in the following decade.  With Giovanni took over in 2009 Corvezzo decided to transition to being 100% organic.  They went through the long, arduous process of becoming certified organic that took 7 years starting in 2010 with an official certification granted in 2017.  They’ve even discussed going biodynamic as of last year!    

Giuseppe’s style is to produce wines that are “fresh and bright” sharing that “organic farming ultimately results in thicker grape skins, leading to heightened aromas, greater balance, and superior quality wines”.  Corvezzo is the largest organic producer of Glera and Pinot Grigio by acreage, but not by volume.  Their grapes are 100% estate grown and are not only organic, but are vegan as well.  Yes, not all wine is vegan.  There are fining agents that are used with animal derived products, but Corvezzo uses bentonite clay as a fining agent to clarify the wine.     

You may have never seen these wines because they are making their debut this year via Origins Organic Imports that recently added them to their portfolio.  The reason why they are not listed as certified organic on the label is due to US regulations so instead they are labeled as “made with organic and vegan grapes”.   

The Wines 

The Corvezzo Prosecco DOC Rosè Extra Millesimato was favorite of the two.  I recently just wrote a blog about rosè from Italy sharing another Prosecco DOC Rosè and I must say have been quite pleased.  I thought it was just another marketing tactic, but have enjoyed these couple I’ve had recently.  Also, the Prosecco Rosè DOC in newly approved as of August 2020.  This Prosecco Rosè from Corvezzo is made from 85% Glera and 15% Pinot Nero, which is the legal maximum of the DOC regulations.  The juice spends 60 days in tank and is produced via the Martinotti method, aka the Charmat method.   

Corvezzo Prosecco DOC Rosè Extra Millesimato
A pretty pale salmon color in the glass with floral aromas of wild strawberries and a hint of citrus.  I was a big fan of the bubbles on this wine as they were rather fine.  I’m not a fan of bubbles so this was right up my alley.  It was fresh with good acidity with more citrus showing up on the palate with lingering berries on the finish along with some salinity.  For only $13 I felt this bottle was quite a steal!  ABV 11.5% 

The Corvezzo Prosecco DOC Treviso Extra Dry is made of 85% Glera with 10% Chardonnay and 5% Pinot Bianco.  They add the Chardonnay for strucutre and the Pinot Bianco to add to the aroma and provide elegance to the wine.  The grapes also spend 60 days in tank via with secondary fermentation via the Martinotti method.   This wine was pale straw colored with aromas of pears, apples and citrus.  Dry on the palate with the same fruit aromas carrying through to the palate.  Again, good acidity with salinity towards the finish.  ABV 11.5% and only $13 a bottle.

Corvezzo Prosecco DOC Treviso Extra Dry

*These wines were provided as samples, but opinions are always my own. 

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