Friday, February 14, 2014

Cannubi expanded in Barolo in the Langhe

Barolo, part of the Langhe wine region, is in the Piedmont region in the northwestern part of Italy. It is a DOCG designated wine made from the nebbiolo grape. It's one of the highest respected wines in Italy and the world. The Langhe has parcels of land that are divided based on the soil composition, angle of the sun and altitude. There are many single vineyard areas that produce high quality wines in this area, but Cannubi is one of the “cru” wines of the Barolo area. Cannubi is famous for its south-eastern steep slopes, rich soil and ideal microclimate.

grapes from barolo in piedmont
On October 3rd it was decided by the Council of State in Italy that the four vineyards surrounding the famous and historic vineyard in the Barolo area, Cannubi, can use the Barolo name on their label. This will expand the Cannubi area from 37 acres to now 84 acres. This has some of the local vineyard land owners, 11 of them, disgruntled due to their ownership of land in the original territory and the level of prestige and quality associated with the original Cannubi territory. Now the additional four vineyards, Boschis, Muscatel, Valletta and San Lorenzo, will be able to use the Cannubi name as well on their labels.

I'll be discussing more about Barolo, nebbiolo and this territory in an upcoming blog when I share some of my experiences meeting some of the winemakers of this region, in particular Carlo Giacosa, Damilano and Fratelli Ravello. Stay tuned!

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