Saturday, March 25, 2017

Prepping for Pasqua in Italy

Next week on Saturday April 1st, our Italian Food, Wine & Travel group is celebrating Easter a little bit early. Get ready to prep your thoughts for some wonderful wines and dishes to consider for your Easter meal this year. Easter, known as Pasqua in Italian, is a big holiday celebrated throughout all of Italy with each region and towns honoring their own traditions. The Monday following Pasqua is also a public holiday known as la Pasquetta.

Easter in Italy is a little different than the United States. In Italy there is more seriousness behind the holiday where I feel like the United States definitely capitalizes on yet another holiday. You won't find the Easter bunny hopping around nor children scattering to search for the hidden eggs filled with candy. Although children still have large chocolate eggs filled with surprises and toys. Throughout Italy, church masses and processions are held where statues of the Virgin Mary and Jesus are paraded through towns or displayed in the town center.
Easter celebrations in Italy
Chocolate Easter eggs of Italy by Maurizio
What are your family's Easter traditions and how do you typically celebrate this joyous holiday? I'd love to hear how you celebrate. Leave a comment and come join our live Twitter chat next Saturday April 1st @ 11am EST at hashtag #ItalianFWT. Make sure to check back here next Wednesday as this will be updated to show you what all of our bloggers have in store for you. Ci vediamo! See you soon!