Work with Vino Travels

Sample Policy
If you are interested in offering samples (including wine, Italian cooking products, Italian food, books, movies and/or wine accessories) to Vino Travels we would be honored.  I'm also interested in wineries around the world that are producing wines from Italian grapes on their soil.

Vino Travels, under full disclosure, will sample the items and review the products provided.  I can't guarantee a favorable review on the wine or item if I personally didn't enjoy it, but I will educate folks on the grape, region and history of your winery and any other products and services you offer.  

Attending Events

I'm always interested in attending Italian wine and culinary events and opportunities to meet with Italian winemakers or brand ambassadors.  Please consider adding Vino Travels to your press list for invitations as I would be honored to attend and share it with my readers.  In addition I write for a number of magazines including the Bostoniano, L'Italo Americano, We the Italians and Italian Talks where I focus on Italian wine and have the opportunity to consider these events for upcoming articles.  You can email me direct at vinotravels at

Vino Travels is happy to discuss ways to partner with you in promotion of your wines, products, company, magazines, etc.  We have a variety of rates based on your needs so please ask for further information.  We have a community of readers that enjoy learning about Italian wines as well as exploring Italy through travel and its cuisine.  

Please email us with requests and we will discuss working together in further detail.  We look forward to hearing from you! 

Thank you! Grazie mille!