Monday, August 10, 2015

My Italian Wine Specialist certification & podcast with Rick Zullo

One of greatest parts I find about blogging are meeting folks from all around the world and sharing our passions for wines and travel throughout Italy. One of those contacts that I casually became acquainted with online is an American expat, Rick Zullo, whom now lives in Rome and provides an in depth look and lots of tidbits into living life in Italy, especially Rome. I was honored when he reached out to me for a podcast interview to discuss Italian wine.

wineries in TuscanyThis would be the perfect time to announce my recent passing of the North American Sommelier Association Italian Wine Specialist certification exam. This program came to the Boston area in the fall of 2014 and after 6 long months of immersing myself in the books of Italian wines and living and breathing it daily I'm proud to announce that I passed the exam with distinction.  
Italian wine specialist certification with NASA
I wanted to sign up for this course when I saw it was coming to Boston because I want to grow to be a fantastic online source for Italian wine and to help promote and educate the world on what Italian wines are all about. I will not ever call myself an expert when it comes to Italian wines as I feel that it takes years to truly know the ins and outs of all there is to know. There are folks that have been doing this for 20-30 years and these are some of the folks I admire that truly have sampled a number of these unique and indigenous varietals that I write about, met countless winemakers and traveled through all the regions of Italy really digging in and learning the terroir. I do the best I can from all my travels throughout Italy and what I've learned and am continuing to learn, but I haven't loved wine all my life so my experience is much more limited. Every person must start somewhere though, right?

wine harvest in Tuscany
Last week Rick and I provided an introduction to just a few of the Italian wine regions including Lazio where Rick resides, Sicily and Campania. We discussed some of the top wines and grapes from these regions along with other tidbits of winemaking throughout Italy. Join us for about 30 minutes for a brief introduction to Italian wines and stay following my journey as we explore the never ending, intriguing world of Italian varietals.

So join Rick and myself for this podcast and get yourself started on an introduction to Italian wines.

This week I'll also feature a perfect wine day trip outside of Rome if you're looking to experience the wines of Lazio for yourself.  Stay tuned!

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