Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Italian Grapes from Around the World with #ItalianFWT

As we all know understanding wine around the world can be challenging to get a grasp on especially if we haven't visited the region, don't understand the language nor the wine laws that come along with each wine territory.  When it comes to Italian wines the real challenge is that Italy alone has over 2,000 native grape varieties.  That's enough to make your head spin.

Our Italian Food, Wine & Travel group this month is taking these Italian grapes to another level by finding countries around the world outside of Italy that are growing some of these Italian grapes on their own soil.  What types of wines do they produce on different soil, with different climates and how do they compare to those that are grown in Italy?  There is lots to share and our group this month will shed some light on the variety to be discovered.

Join us this Saturday August 4th at 11am EST on Twitter at #ItalianFWT and chat about Italian grapes from around the world.

Camilla of The Culinary Adventures of Camilla features "Italian Grapes in Paso Robles: Aglianico, Malvasia Bianca and Some Pairings"

Jeff from Food Wine Click shares "Eating Pizza / NotPizza with Italian / NotItalian Wines"

Lauren from The Swirling Dervish features "Ryme Cellars Ribolla Gialla: A Taste of Friuli in Napa Valley"

Lynn from Savor the Harvest shares "This Italian Wine Grape Fooled You" 

Susannah from Avvinare shares "Noteworthy New York State Wines Made with Italian Grapes"

Gwendolyn from the Art Predator features "An Italian in AUS? Meet a 2006 Montepulciano from Tscharke"

I'll be featuring from Vino Travels "Italian Grapes in Lodi with Harney Lane's Primitivo"


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