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Love for the Wines of Lugana

A couple years back I was invited to a wine tasting in Boston fully dedicated to the white wines of Lugana.  It was quite a pleasant surprise to discover the beauty of these wines that aren’t often enough at the top of every winelover’s list.  Our Italian Food, Wine & Travel group is exploring what these wines are all about including the wide variety of styles and how ageworthy they are.

Lugana is a wine region located on the southern tip of Lake Garda.  It’s in northern Italy and borders both the Veneto and Lombardy regions.  It’s comprised of the following towns: Sirmione, Pozzolengo, Desenzano, Londato del Garda and Peschiara del Garda, with the latter being the only to reside in the Veneto.  It’s a short trip from the major cities of Brescia and Verona.  I ventured over to Peschiera del Garda for the first time on my last adventure to Italy over a year ago. 
The area of Lugana was once completely covered as a forest, known as “Selva Lucana”, probably hence where the name came form.  When the glaciers came down from the alpine region it formed Lake Garda and created the unique morainic soils.      

Wines from Lugana are primarily made from the turbiana grape also known as trebbiano di lugana.  There is a 10% allowance of other non-aromatic white grapes, but many producers are making these wines with 100% turbiana.   The regular wines of Lugana can typically only be aged about 2-3 years, but the others including the superior and riserva wines have capabilities to be aged 10+ years. 
Turbiana grapes - Copywright of Selva Capuzza

There are 5 different styles of Lugana: regular, Superiore, Riserva, Late Harvest and Sparkling.  The regular wines of Lugana make up 90% of the production of the Lugana DOC.  The wines made in the Peschiera del Garda area actually produce about 60% of the wines in the area.  I’m sharing one from the regular style Lugana and one from the late harvest, known as vendemmia tardiva.
Copyright of Selva Capuzza

Luca Formentini of Selva Capuzza - Copyright of Selva Capuzza
The wine from Lugana I’m sharing today is from Selva Capuzza in the Lombardy region.  It’s location is situated of the site of the important Italian battle, San Martino e Solferino, that took place in 1859.  The 2013 Podere Selva Capuzza Lugana DOC is their wine they make with pride and is sourced from their highest and oldest vineyard.  A wine that is fresh and rich with florals and fruit combined with mineral notes.  13% ABV SRP
Copyright of Selva Capuzza
The other wine I’m sharing is the 2011 Tenuta Roveglia Filo di Arianna Lugana Vendemmia Tardiva DOC.  This wine is harvested late October to early November allowing the grapes to fully concentrate before they are hand picked.  The wine is aged 12-14 months in oak barrels.  It’s a wine of full body with almond notes seeming silky on the palate.  13.5% ABV SRP    

Tenuta Roveglia was started by a Swiss businessman by the name of Federico Zweifel when he relocated to the area at the end of 19th century. Four generations later his family continues to carry on the production and traditions of the winery as it stands today.
Copyright of Tenuta Roveglia

Copyright of Tenuta Roveglia
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