Sunday, December 26, 2021

Annual Celebrated National and International Wine Days

Happy Holidays and an upcoming Happy New Year to my readers. Thank you again for your support as I travel the world of wine, always highlighting Italian wines of course.  As I start to prepare for the upcoming new year I thought it would be a good idea to focus on some of the annual celebrated national and international wine days throughout the US and the world.  As I plan for my upcoming blogs into 2022 you'll see me feature some wines monthly to highlight some of these events.  If you know of any that aren't featured please reach out.  I'd love to keep this updated annually as new ones may be added.  


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  • February 1st: Furmint Day, #FurmintDay
  • February 18th: National Drink Wine Day
  • Last Saturday in February: Open that Bottle Night, #OpenThatBottleNight


  • Washington Wine Month
  • March 3rd: Mulled Wine Day
  • March 13th: International Riesling Day


  • April 14th: Tannat Day
  • April 17th: World Malbec Day, #WorldMalbecDay


  • Oregon Wine Month, #ORWineMonth
  • First Friday in May: International Sauvignon Blanc Day, #SauvBlancDay
  • May 9th: World Moscato Day, #WorldMoscato Day
  • May 17th: Pinot Grigio Day
  • Thursday before Memorial Day: International Chardonnay Day, #ChardonnayDay
  • May 25th: National Wine Day, #NationalWineDay


  • Idaho Wine Month, #IDWineMonth
  • Second Saturday in June: National Rose Day. #NationalRoseDay
  • June 20th: Drink Chenin Blanc Day
  • June 21st: Lambrusco Day, #LambruscoDay
  • Fourth Friday in June: International Rose Day


  • First week of July: Sparking wine week
  • Mid July: National Prosecco Week, #NationalProseccoWeek
  • July 25th: National Wine and Cheese Day
  • Fourth Thursday of July: Shiraz Day


  • August 1st-5th: International Albarino Week
  • August 4th: National White Wine Day
  • August 18th: Pinot Noir Day, #PinotNoirDay
  • August 28th: National Red Wine Day
  • Thursday before Labor Day: International Cabernet Sauvignon Day, #CabernetDay
  • 1st Friday in September: National Chianti Day #NationalChiantiDat
  • California Wine Month, #CAWineMonth
  • Illinois Wine Month, #IllinoisWineMonth
  • Missouri Wine Month, #MOWineMonth
  • North Carolina Wine and Grape Month, #NCWineMonth
  • September 10th: International Port Wine Day
  • Third Friday of September: International Grenache Day, #GrenacheDay


  • Virginia Wine Month, #VAWineMonth
  • Pennsylvania Wine Month, #PAWineMonth
  • Texas Wine Month, #TXWine
  • October 6th: National Orange Wine Day
  • Second Saturday of October: International Pinotage Day
  • Last Thursday in October: Carignan Day 


  • November 1st: International Xinomavro Day
  • November 7th: International Merlot Day
  • Second Saturday in November: Wine Tourism Day
  • Second Thursday in November: International Tempranillo Day, #TempranilloDay
  • Third Wednesday of November: National Zinfandel Day, #ZinfandelDay
  • Third Thursday of November: Beaujolais Nouveau Day
  • November 24th: Carmenere Day


  • December 4th: Cabernet Franc Day, #CabFrancDay
  • December 20th: Sangria Day
  • December 31st: Champagne Day

National and International Wine Days

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