Friday, June 13, 2014

The results from the Lega del Chianti conference in Tuscany

Lega del Chianti

Last Saturday I wrote a blog on the Lega del Chianti, “League of Chianti”, and I wanted to share the results from the event reported to me by winemaker, Giovanni Sordi, that was in attendance. The event was a beautiful success with interesting speakers.

Dr. Paolo Storchi conducted a report on the evolution of the components of the chianti classico wines over time.

Professor Bertuccioli gave a splendid report on the relationships between sangiovese and the Tuscan territory. Bertuccioli highlighted the enological evolution on the potential quality of sangiovese that is still not fully expressed today. Sangiovese can produce great results if the management of the wine is connected directly to the achievement of the objective of both quality and typical expressions.

Professor Zeffiro Ciuffoletti described historically the viticulture of the chiantigiana.  He stated that the cultural link and the secular success of the wine from the chiantigiana affirms that comparing with the world the earth of the gallo nero, or black rooster, will continue in the cultural and qualitative birth. The culture and artistic beauty that characterizes the territories between Siena and Florence combined with the unique quality of the products represent a unique combination.

The event concluded with Dr. Giovanni Sordi stating that only across the native vines they can obtain unique wines. The native tuscan vines are very influenced from the territory and the climate and for this reason they produce wines that distinguish themselves for their quality and uniqueness.

Recovering a concept from Professor Ciuffoletti, Chianti Classico doesn't fear the comparison with the global world in regards to it's cultural and territorial uniqueness and expresses its varietal unique products.

The conference was followed by a tasting of 10 Chianti Classico wines from diverse zones. The tasting was coordinated by Giovanni Sordi and conducted by sommelier Luigi Pizzolato and Fiorella Chimenta highlighted the grand quality of the wines from the Chiantigiana and how the terrior influences such wine production.

Lucky me yesterday had the opportunity to meet the owner of Castello di Cacchiano and his fantastic wines. I can't wait to share them with you so check back in soon.

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