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Ciao a tutti!  I'm a Boston based Italian wine blogger and certified IWS (Italian Wine Specialist).  My love of wine first started years ago when I studied abroad in college in Florence, Italy. Not being a lover of wine at that time, starting off with the red wines of Italy was a little tough at first and now they are my favorites!  Upon  returning back to the states I was further introduced to the world of wine via the Finger Lakes of upstate New York by a good friend whom had gone to school there and worked at one of the wineries.  I then began to appreciate and develop a love for the Rieslings and Gewurztraminer produced there.
Italian wine blog featuring wines of Italy
I've been to Italy a multitude of times now after living there and have traveled all over the country, including a my fabulous wedding in the town of Bucine in Tuscany.  My love and passion for Italy not only comes from my experience of living there, but also due to my Italian heritage.  My father's side of the family is from Avellino in Campania and my mother's side is from Carrara in Tuscany.  I grew up in this culture and now having lived there and visited these wine regions I have a much deeper appreciation from everything to the land, way of life and the people that produce these fabulous wines!
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Wine has always been a passion of mine, but truly learning the insides and outs of wine can seem to be complicated and complex.  I started this blog to involve myself deeper in the wine world and it's a place for me to share my journey through the world of Italian wines with the information that I gather from the wineries I have visited in Italy, Italian winemakers I meet and wines I taste.  Italy has hundreds and hundreds of varietals to explore so join me for my Italian wine journey.   
Italian wine blogger sharing the wines & cuisine of Italy
I'm a contributing writer for "We the Italians", an online web portal featuring anything and everything related to Italy happening in the US.  I have also featured articles in "Wine Meridian", Italian Talks, the Bostoniano and Primo magazine.

I hope that you will join me on my Italian wine blog as we journey through all the wine regions of Italy.

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