Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Unique varietals of Italy with Mucci Imports

One of the reasons why I chose to write this Italian wine blog are to educate on the Italian grapes produced throughout Italy that many folks aren't aware of or super familiar with, myself included.  With hundreds and hundreds of grape varietals throughout Italy it's hard to know every one and that's what makes drinking wine so fun. You may try a grape in one region that can be very different in another as well based on the Italian terroir that I recently discussed in one of my recent articles last week.

Nick Mucci of Mucci Imports
Nick Mucci
Today I wanted to introduce you to Nick Mucci of Mucci Imports.  I've met Nick a number of times at wine tastings in the Boston area. Nick is an Italian wine importer and focuses a lot on indigenous grapes throughout a number of regions in Italy.  I've written about one of his wines in the recent past when my Italian bloggers group (Italian Food, Wine & Travel, #italianFWT) wrote about the Emilia Romagna region. For the whole story on Nick and Mucci Imports follow my column, "Italy Uncorked", in the Boston Italian American magazine, the Bostoniano.

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