Friday, December 6, 2019

Sangiovese of Le Marche with Agricola La Canosa

One of the reasons why I started this blog and the Italian Food, Wine & Travel group was not only to educate about Italian wines, but open eyes to the wide variety of what Italy has to offer.  I live for trying the lesser known varieties from some of the obscure regions.  These native grapes are just not always that easy to find.  Hopefully this month’s theme on exploring lesser known wine regions will allow you to think twice about purchasing what you’re comfortable with and get you to try something outside the box.  You may just be surprised! 

I was planning on featuring the tintilia grape of Molise, but in staying true to what I believe in I won’t share wines that I do not personally enjoy.  Plus, I think the wine I tried was just off.  It doesn’t happen that often and I dislike missing out on an opportunity to educate, but I have featured other wines from tintilia that you can read up on. 

Instead, we’re traveling to Le Marche wine region featuring sangiovese.  Even though sangiovese is quite the popular grape of Italy I don’t think the wines of Le Marche get enough attention that they deserve.  I’ve always enjoyed the verdicchio white wines of Le Marche, but don’t drink the reds enough.  Le Marche is almost balanced between red and white wine production leaning heavier towards the reds. 
Marche Wine Region Map
The Winery ~ Agricola La Canosa 
At a recent tasting I tried some wines from Agricola La Canosa and enjoyed their 2015 Nullius Marche IGT.  I couldn’t find the exact establishment of this winery, but I believe it’s relatively newer within the last 15 years.  It was founded by Riccardo Reina.  The winery is situated in the small town of Rotella with the Ascoli Piceno province in southern Marche.  Located right within the National Park of the Sibillini Mountains.  It’s named after one of the four castles, Poggio Canoso, of the area. 

2015 La Canosa Nullius Sangiovese Marche IGTThe Wine 
2015 La Canosa Nullius Marche IGT – This wine is made of 100% sangiovese.  It’s aged for 1 year partially in tonneaux and partially in barriques (1st and 2nd passage).  It then spends another 6-8 months in the bottle.  The grapes are sourced from the highest altitude vineyards on the property.  Per La Canosa’s website, the name of the wine, nullius, stems from the “latin expression “Nullius Diocesis”, used for indicating the religious autonomy of a town, literally “not belonging to any diocese”. To have religious autonomy at the time of the Pontifical State, which our region was part of, was synonymous of great character, strength, obstinacy and pride for the townspeople.”   They believe this sangiovese represents the strength of the townspeople and for me that was prevalent in the firm tannins.  Medium to fuller-bodied rich in spice and red fruits.   ABV 13.5% SRP $30

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  1. I have never had a red from Le Marche! Thanks for reminding me Sangiovese exists there and that I should try one ASAP!

  2. I have so much to learn about Italy and all of the world outside of these United States. It is one of the reasons I love this group so much. A wealth of knowledge.

  3. True, Sangiovese is used a lot also in Le Marche, an interesting article...I haven't tried this one though. Will look for the wine...:-)