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Agro Batoreu Terre Silvestre Portuguese Blend with Asian Pork

This month's Wine Pairing Weekend that I participate in the 2nd Saturday of month is hosted by Christy Majors of Christy's Palate and the theme is Portugal. Yes, I know, this is an Italian wine blog, but it's nice to venture out every now and shake it up a bit. Portugal, like Italy, has some very good values when it comes to wine. The wine I'm sharing with you today, 2013 Agro Batoreu Terre Silvestre, is from the Tejo region of Portugal, formerly known as Ribatejo. The name originates from the Tejo River, also known as the Tagus River, that impacts this region greatly. This region is located closely to the capital of Portugal, Lisbon. The very fertile plains of this area can be overly fertile so its up to the producer to control the growth of grapes in order to provide quality wines. According to the Wines of Tejo, “Tejo is known as the land of vineyards, olive groves, cork forests, Mertolengo cattle, and the famous Lusitano horses”.

2013 Agro Batoreu Terre SilvestreAgro Batoreu was created in 1988, but the brand is a combination of two families, Batoreu and Canteiro, whom both have been making wine in this region since 1860. The 2013 Agro Batoreu Terre Silvestre is a blend of 50% touriga franca, 30% syrah and 20% alicante boushet. This wine is grown within the Tejo province in their Aveiras de Cima vineyards of the Bairro zone, 1 of the 3 wine production zones of the Tejo. Deep in color with violet hues this was a full bodied, rich, elegant and concentrated wine displaying blackberries. Retailing in the low $20's

The touriga franca grape dominating this wine is indigenous to Portugal and is widely planted in the Douro Valley of Portugal, but is also found throughout other areas including Tejo. It's typically blended with other grapes as shown in this wine today. It's typically an aromatic grape, rich in dark fruits, with good body and color. Growers appreciate this grape as it's very hardy and easy to grow.

I paired this wine with an asian dish made of teriyaki marinated pork tenderloin with roasted vegetables and brown rice. I try to eat rather healthy in my house so I like to eat lots of protein and vegetables. Plus, with the local farmshare that I'm participating in this summer I'm getting bombarded with and who doesn't love roasted veggies? I felt that the teriyaki marinade was the right choice with this pork dish and wine, but it would probably stand up even better to lamb or steak due to the concentration and full body in the wine.

teriyaki asian pork with roasted vegetablesfarmshare roasted vegetables

2013 Agro Batoreu Terre Silvestre food pairing

It was fun exploring and touching upon this region as I'm very green to the wines, but from the ones I have always sampled from Portugal I've always been impressed. Check them out for yourself!  Here are the rest of the bloggers from my group sharing their food and wine pairings of Portugal.

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Make sure to join us next month for Wine Pairing Weekend on September 12th as we feature volcanic wines hosted by Camilla of Culinary Adventures with Camilla.

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