Sunday, April 9, 2017

Vino Travels turns 4!

I can't believe it, but another year has passed and Vino Travels is celebrating it's 4th year of existence. It's been a long journey venturing through the map of Italian wines and we're not even close to done. This past year has brought one of the greatest gifts and blessings to my life, the birth of my first child, my son Remy. Navigating through raising a newborn while also trying to educate and share my adventures has been a challenge, but I appreciate all you sticking with me. 
wine blogging about Italian wine
My new life combined with Italian wine of course
A look back over the last year and what Vino Travels has been involved in:
  • Attending wine dinners, wine events and online virtual tastings immersing myself in not only Italian wine, but also wines from around the world
  • Our Italian Food, Wine & Travel (#ItalianFWT) group continues to grow and expand monthly incorporating all 20 regions of Italy with a different feature the first Saturday of every month
  • I've written articles for a number of different magazines and publications including Primo Magazine, L'Italo Americano, the Bostoniano, We The Italians and more.
I already have a couple big happenings lined up so far to start off my new year including a trip to upstate New York to the Finger Lakes wineries at the end of April. I used to travel to this area annually and haven't been in a few years and is actually how I first fell in loe with wine. I recently received an invitation to travel back to Italy in June and spend a couple days with the Pasqua winery in the Veneto region located specifically within the Valpolicella wine making area. Plus, I may stay a couple extra days and venture around as I love to explore and the more I see the more I can bring to you.
As always I love hearing from my readers. Want to know more about something? Have an idea that you'd like to see presented in an upcoming article? Just want to say hello and send me your comments? Please don't be afraid or hesistant to shoot me a message. It's what drives me and keeps me going. Here's to another year with more to come! Thank you everyone! Grazie a tutti! 

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